The ‘National’ personal development scheme

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What is it?

This scheme has been devised to encourage all archers, particularly those who have recently completed a beginner’s course, to develop and progress their shooting skills to the point where they will feel comfortable to enter their first competition. The scheme will enable them to become proficient at increasing distances starting at 20yds and progressing through 30yds, 40yds, 50yds, and 60yds These will be shot on a standard 5 zone 122cm target face, shooting four dozen arrows.

This scheme, unlike the popular 252 schemes, has been devised to be equitable for gender and bow style including Recurve, Compound, Bare Bow and Long Bow.

The 252 scheme usually requires an archer to achieve the same score at each distance (usually 252), and as such becomes progressively harder as the distance increases. This new scheme is designed to be much more achievable and to develop the archers accuracy to the level they need to enter a competition and gain a third-class qualifying score.

How does it work?

This scheme is based on the Archery GB handicap and classification systems and its aim is to get an archer shooting at a level where they could expect to achieve an Archery GB third-class qualifying score for a ‘National’ Round in a competition.

The National Round was chosen as it is often one of the first rounds shot by beginners to the sport consisting of shooting 4 dozen arrows at 60 yards and 2 dozen arrows at 50yds. This is the level at which many archers feel competent enough to enter and participate, in competitions.

The 252 schemes typically require an archer to score 252 or more at each distance and so gets harder to achieve as the distance increases. This scheme recognises that all archers will be less accurate at further distances than close ones. It gives a guide for the score they would need to obtain as they work through the distances keeping it obtainable and encouraging archers to move up.

The qualifying score for each progressive distance has been derived by applying the designated Archery GB third-class handicap score for Gender and Bow style. The scores the archer needs to achieve appear to get progressively easier as the distances increase. However, this has been carefully calculated based on the Archery GB handicap scoring tables such that the score at 20 yards is more-or-less is equivalent in difficulty to the score at 60 yards.

On completion of this Scheme, the archer will have become familiar with the classification scheme and will be able to set their own goals progressing from 3rd Class to 2nd class and upwards. This should encourage and give archers the confidence to participate in shooting recognised rounds either organised by your club or when visiting other Clubs.  

Score to be attained for 4 Dozen arrows shot at each distance.

 Bow Style20yds30yds40yds50yds60yds
Ladies  Recurve                       376314244 174118
GentsRecurve 402356306250194
Ladies Compound406366320270216
GentsCompound 424396366332294
GentsBarebow348 26617811066
Ladies Longbow270148703216
Gents Longbow332     2361468246

Scheme developed by Tony Smith from the AGB Handicap tables (G0702) Shooting Admin Procedures and based on the National Round. February 2022