Bath Hereford 2019 – Simon’s report on his first away tournament

Seven archers from Devizes Bowmen attended (Neil, Tony, Nick, Vic, Chris, Rob and Simon) we were picked up in the minibus expertly driven by our designated driver and Madam Secretary Rob and arrived at Bath Archery grounds around 9:00am. We set up the tents and our equipment, signed in and then visited the refreshments tent for bacon sarnies and coffee (veggie burger for Chris). The event started around 10:30 with a chat from the event organiser and judge.
The weather forecast said a mix of rain and sunshine, it was unpredictable with bursts of heavy down pours and some thunder & lighting over lunchtime but we did see some sunshine during the day.
The judge kept us entertained with the odd poem between ends which seemed to amuse some to be honest i couldn’t really hear what he was saying but others seemed to enjoy it.
The event had a colour spot prize competition with Tony and Nick both winning prizes well done to you both. There was a raffle which I think was a bit rigged as Chris won about ten prizes….. ( he did refuse quite a few to be fair). After the raffle came the awards ceremony where we found that Chris came in third overall in the gents recurve he also achieved his club 252 at 80 yards. Tony just missed out on third place in the gents compound by 13 points closely followed by Neil just 2 points behind. The rest of us had reasonable scores and let it be known that Vic wasn’t last….
At the end of the event we jumped into the minibus and headed to the pub for a well earned pint or was it two…. after which Rob dropped us all home.
It was my first Hereford shoot and yes the weather could have been better (it always seemed to rain when it was our turn to shoot) but we had a great time and a good laugh I’m looking forwards to the next event.

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