DWAA County Championships

Tony Smith and myself travelled to Wareham for this years DWAA County Championships for a ‘boys day out’ and to ensure the event had at least two more county archers shooting on what turned out to be a very hot day at the races……  with temperatures over 30 deg we put the tent up and tried to keep in the shade and prepared for the day….. sporting our Devizes Bowmen 6X shirts!

The County Committee were working hard to promote the County organisation and the event, with lots of event flags, (supplied by you know who)…. and all the archers were given a set of pens and a sticker.  There was even a tent with some memorabilia from past team events.

Despite getting our sight marks on the Wednesday, sighters saw arrows going very high so took some time to find the middle….. so need to double check the Green Lane range.  Tony was awarded the ‘Veteran’ prize, for the highest unrewarded score, and I missed 3rd place by just 5 points out of the 1142 I shot for the York round.

The highlight was both of us shooting a 5 gold end at 100 yard’s….. should have been six we know…. but tony hit a blue and I hit a mad black with a rather wild shot…..

Next event will be shooting Long Bow at the Bath 2 Way Western in October, with Karin and Leslie shooting too…. which is great too be getting more Devizes Bowmen archers shooting at these events, it is the only place the sport comes to life!

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