It is with deep sadness that I need to tell all of Bob’s archery friends that he has passed away, peacefully and surrounded with love and those he loved, after a long battle with respiratory illness.
Bob as you know became wheelchair bound after a skydiving accident in Spain in 2003. In the 17 years since he has lived the most amazing and fulfilled life, full of positivity and fun. He continued on occasion to jump out of planes – strapped to someone I hasten to add! He wrote two self-published cookbooks, having created and tested each recipe, sometimes on unsuspecting friends, and appeared on TV after winning a UK wide cookery award for Britain’s best pud. He studied French, Spanish and Italian gaining a degree in Modern Languages and had recently taken up archery with Devizes Bowmen where his competitive spirit and great hand to eye coordination ensured he got more gold’s than most!
Bob always had a twinkle in his eye and was ever ready to offer help, advice and support to anyone. Being tetraplegic never defined Bob, he just continued his life in a different way, without complaint or remorse. 

We will always have his fun and friendship in our hearts. When we can join together again we will swap Bob stories and raise a glass – or several – to him.