Bob Souter Trophy 2023 results

Many congratulations to Avis on winning our ‘most improved’ trophy. This was the first year of the trophy, kindly donated by Tessa in memory of Bob. It is awarded to the archer who achieves the greatest improvement in their handicap score over the year.

We had a lot of scored rounds and ‘252’s shot and recorded this year.

The highest scoring 252s recorded were:

20 yards – Marius Marcus (recurve) 314, Mat Coombs (Barebow) 284

30 yards – Marius Marcus (recurve) 284, Abbie Alexander (Barebow) 262

40 yards – Marius Marcus (recurve) 268

50 yards – Stuart James (recurve) 266

For the best improver based on Handicaps:

3rd place with an improvement of 4 handicap points – Lucas Pain and Clare Morrice

2nd Place with an improvement of 12 points – Sarah Sedgwick

1st Place with an improvement of 25 points – Avis Ryder

Well done all who submitted scores!